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Meet Circle

The device that helps parents filter content, manage screen time, and stay informed with what their kids do online.

The average family spends 29.6 hours per day on a screen.

Set Time Limits

Manage your family's time spent on things like social media, gaming and videos.

Circle allows you to set daily time limits on categories like video sites or specific platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Customize by Age

Easily create settings for every family member and their devices.

Customize the Filter, Pause, BedTime and Time Limit settings for each device based on your child’s age all from your smart phone!

Pause the Internet

Quickly disable access to the internet for specific devices or the entire home.

It’s just as easy to turn it back on.

Filter Content

Ensure your kids only see content that’s age-appropriate on their devices.

Set individual filter levels for each family member on your network. Circle also offers suggested filters by category for each age group in your home.

Filter Content

Set BedTime

Configure a BedTime for all of a user's devices.

Make sure when your kids are supposed to be asleep, that they actually are. Set a connectivity sleep and wake time for each user and their devices.

Additional Features

Device Hero

Circle Device

Beautifully designed to seamlessly fit into your home and smartly engineered to be both fail safe and work with every device.

  • No off button
  • Internal battery
  • Wireless
  • No Wi-Fi slowdown
  • Easy setup
Front side and back of device.

Beta Program Closed

The public beta program for Circle is officially closed. If you would like to learn more or have a desperate desire to join, please contact us below:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Beta Program?

    Users who participate in the Beta Program will receive the Beta Circle hardware and app. While many features are polished, we still have work to do on others, which is why your feedback during this testing period is critical to our success. Working with a broader batch of test users will help improve every aspect of the Circle experience.

  • Will Circle slow down my Wi-Fi?

    Circle will not slow down your Wi-Fi. No Internet downstream data is filtered through the device so there’s no bottlenecking your Internet connection. Circle simply evaluates each request based on the user’s customized settings and then allows permitted traffic.

  • Is Circle a Wi-Fi router?

    No, Circle pairs itself automatically and seamlessly to your existing Wi-Fi router. You won’t need to reconnect any device to Circle or your Wi-Fi.

  • Will I have to change any settings on the Wi-Fi devices in my home?

    Nope (:

  • Do I need to install software on each device in my home?

    Nope! Any device connected to your home Wi-Fi will be managed by Circle, all without ever having to configure or set up any software on those devices. The only software you need to download is the Circle app on your iPhone.

  • Will Circle require a paid subscription?

    Circle will not require paid subscription for either the app, or to keep the database and features up to date.

  • Can my kids just turn the Circle device off?

    No. We designed Circle with enterprising kids in mind. There's no off button, only a reset button that recycles within seconds. There's also an internal battery, so when Circle is unplugged it will remain on until the battery life runs out. In addition, when it is unplugged, you'll be notified immediately via the iOS app with subsequent alerts at 50% and 10% battery power left. (Not included in beta for support reasons.)

  • What devices does Circle work with?

    All computers, tablets, smartphones, TV streaming devices, and MP3 players...if it has a Wi-Fi connection, Circle works with it. There are devices like game consoles, smart TVs, and Blu-ray players that connect to the Internet but don't have traditional web browsers. For those devices, Circle manages the Internet connectivity, but not other functions. (i.e. Circle monitors the length of online gaming but not standalone play.)

  • Will Circle have an Android app?

    We hope to have an Android app ready when we hit retail stores.

  • When will Circle be available?

    Circle will ship in the summer of 2015!